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Brachyscome mittagongensis

Bundanoon, NSW

Brachyscome mittagongensis at Bundanoon, NSW - 13 Mar 2020
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Identification history

Brachyscome mittagongensis 27 Mar 2020 ESP
Brachyscome mittagongensis 27 Mar 2020 ESP

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User's notes

Threatened by competition from exotic grasses and pasture weeds. Surviving in infrequently mown 'lawn'. Two small patches seen but others may be present on this relatively large site. Seen from roadside when in flower.


Boobook38 wrote:
   27 Mar 2020
there are quite a few patches of this species around Bundanoon, some are along Blue Gum Road and there are some large patches along Greasons Road, particularly at the far end
ESP wrote:
   27 Mar 2020
It's doing pretty well at present, after having a hard time with the drought. We've also seen it enjoy reduced competition post-fire, where it likely has an advantage over exotic pasture grasses and some herbaceous weeds by being able to resprout from a rhizome. Doing well in such a site on Ellsmore Rd. As much as we are seeing a lot more of it now than was previously documented, I'm yet to see large numbers in secure situations, plus as a relatively recently described species, it just hasn't had much attention until recently. Used to occur in western Sydney but appears to be extinct there. Highlands appears to be its stronghold, but other than a good size patch in Stingray Swamp FR, I'm not aware of any formally reserved populations in this Shire, and those further SW are yet to be quantified. Please record any sightings, as this will assist with the conservation assessment and mapping of its distribution. So far, most sites are in very vulnerable situations with significant threats, including in some Council reserves.

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  • Non-Invasive

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  • 20 Abundance
  • 13 Mar 2020 06:30 PM Recorded on
  • ESP Recorded by

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