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7 Jul 2022

For Biodiversity Month (September) this year, Wingecarribee Shire Council is wanting to showcase some of the awesome photos taken by citizen scientists using the Southern Highlands Nature Map. Select...

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Curiosity wrote:
Thanks, Roger. Very interesting about the bird/flower setup. I'll check out the picture. I have noticed that European honeybees tend to push their way into the base of the flower.

Hylaeus (Prosopisteron) littleri
RogerF wrote:
This bee is still perched on the pollen presenter. The nectaries are at the base of the floret see picture in "Name that Flower' by the Lees. The flowers are adapted to bird pollination.

Hylaeus (Prosopisteron) littleri
Hejor1 wrote:
2 Oct 2023
@ibaird it definitely looks like a greyscale version of it. The patches along the costa look right, but I’m not sure about the collar. Kicking myself I didn’t take my macro lens with me!!

Philobota (genus)
ibaird wrote:
1 Oct 2023
Haplodyta polybotrya? Several sightings of this species n the ALA are grey looking like this specimens, rather than brown looking.(as on LBH).

Philobota (genus)
RogerF wrote:
1 Oct 2023
Harvesting pollen from the pollen presenter: interesting as this device is supposed to reduce pollen theft in Proteaceae..

Exoneura sp. (genus)
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