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27 Jul 2021

Hi All,The new mobile app is ready for testing. If you are interested in having early access to the app to help the product team bed it in prior to production release, please let me know..CheersAaron....

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Platform update, national rollout and significant investment12 Jun 2021

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KarenG wrote:
26 Jul 2021
Hello @whitegaye how exciting! Thanks for submitting this record.

Phascolarctos cinereus
KarenG wrote:
22 Jul 2021
Did your issue get resolved @BLSHFour? Please contact platform support if you are still having problems. See the tab under "About".

Cracticus torquatus
KarenG wrote:
8 Jul 2021
Hello @ESP this species has now been added to the taxonomy.

Olearia asterotricha subsp. glaucophylla
BLSHFour wrote:
7 Jul 2021
I would confirm if the moderator actions button would respond. Help please

Cracticus torquatus
ESP wrote:
29 Jun 2021
Species identified by Robert Miller. Previously seen in Belanglo SF/FR during fieldwork for the fine-scale vegetation map, but those plants were older and drought-affected, so appeared quite different to the healthy and younger plant in Gibbergunyah Reserve. The species has an odd distribution that suggests that either the northern and southern occurrences may be separate subtaxa, or that it occurs but is yet to be recorded between those locations. Appears to warrant a status of at least Vulnerable, even if both the Highlands and western BMtns populations are the same entity.

Olearia asterotricha subsp. glaucophylla
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