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Hi All, We are going to be deploying a major update to the platform this afternoon. You may notice some funny business while the update rolls out. It is quite a large structural update under the covers that we need to do to support the new mobile app and the expansion of NatureMapr. I do expect ...

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Platform update, national rollout and significant investment12 Jun 2021

Look out for Key's Matchstick Grasshopper13 Apr 2021

Research shows many benefits in being a citizen scientist1 Apr 2021

NatureMapr mobile app (outage and brand new version on the way)6 Mar 2021

Regular platform update23 Feb 2021

Latest discussion

RogerF wrote:
29 May 2021
Changed my mind after reviewing pictures

Acrida conica
RogerF wrote:
29 May 2021
Now a threatened species so this is na important record. Uncommon green colour form

Acrida conica
RogerF wrote:
29 May 2021
Sorry about the delay

Goniaea australasiae
ibaird wrote:
28 May 2021
Hi Jen. As suggested by Michael B I logged out and in again which seems to have solved the creating taxonomy issue. Cheers, Ian B,

Austrocaligula helena (TBC)
jksmits wrote:
27 May 2021
Hi Ian - you should already have moderator status. I will try and get to the bottom of why you can't create taxonomy.

Austrocaligula helena (TBC)
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