Brachyscome mittagongensis

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Brachyscome mittagongensis at suppressed - 6 Jan 2024
Brachyscome mittagongensis at suppressed - 6 Jan 2024
Brachyscome mittagongensis at suppressed - 6 Jan 2024
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Brachyscome mittagongensis 12 Jan 2024 ESP
Brachyscome mittagongensis 10 Jan 2024 natureguy
Brachyscome mittagongensis 7 Jan 2024 Span102

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Significant sighting

Tapirlord noted:

11 Jan 2024

A nice sighting of a rare and locally endemic daisy

User's notes

I have found two other areas on our property that this plant is found however this is a new area that had 8 separate plants - very excited to see them. Hoping the bees find them.


ESP wrote:
   12 Jan 2024
Looks like Bm but photo isn’t definitive as I can’t see the distinctive leaves.

It survives mowing and grazing within limits and seems to benefit from these in situations where it would otherwise be outcompeted by invasive non-native grasses. Prefers relatively fertile soils like basalt, microsyenite and shales but also found on enriched alluvium. Tough little plant.

Whilst most modern records are from Wingecarribee LGA, it also occurs in Tarlo River NP and used to occur in western Sydney, MacArthur district, and southern Illawarra.
Span102 wrote:
   14 Jan 2024
Hi ESP - Thanks so much for the information!

Interesting that it occurs as far south as southern Illawarra, yes we are on Shale. And yes, this area is mown regularly so it must be a tough plant - we now have 7 patches with mutliple plants, all flowering at the moment which is wonderful to see.

Just for your information, i think you can see the diagnostic three pronged leaves in my second photo.
ESP wrote:
   14 Jan 2024
The trick with the mowing (or grazing) is to stop when the plant is flowering or seeding, or else mow at a height that doesn't affect this species but does suppress the grasses.

Thanks, yes can see your other pics now. Couldn't see them on my phone when I first looked at your sighting. Agree that second shot shows distinctive leaf shape.

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