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Ecologist, environmental planner specialist in natural resource management, amateur ornithologist, part-time visual artist, citizen scientist, formerly an Experimental Scientist with CSIRO Wildlife and Ecology (1985-94) and Senior Policy Officer (Nature Conservation Policy, Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate, ACT Government (1995-2018). MResEnvSc(ANU), BApplSc(CCAE). Retired.

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Moths (Lepidoptera)  |  Anthelid moths (Anthelidae) Case moths (Psychidae) Concealer moths (Oecophoridae) Curved-horn moths (all Gelechioidea except Oecophoridae) Emperor moths (Saturniidae) Geometer moths (Geometridae) Hawk moths (Sphingidae) Noctuoid moths (except Arctiinae) Other moths Pyralid or Snout Moths (Pyralidae & Crambidae) Sun moths (Castniidae) Swift and Ghost moths (Hepialidae) Tiger moths (Arctiinae) Tortricid moths (Tortricidae) Wood moths (Cossidae)

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