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Varanus rosenbergi

Rosenberg's Monitor

Common name: Rosenberg’s Monitor

Total length 1.5m

Rosenberg’s Monitor, also known as the Southern Heath Monitor, is one two monitors or goannas in the Southern Highlands. Rosenberg’s is a ground dwelling monitor while the Lace Monitor is often found in trees. Rosenberg’s is a lightish brown with orange bands, whereas the Lace Monitor is darker in colour, but also with bands, with a few very broad bands on the second half of its tail. 

Rosenberg’s Monitor lays its eggs in termite mounds and any sightings at/near mounds might be an indication of breeding activity. If recording this monitor make note of nearby termite mounds if you think this is relevant. 

For more information on monitors, please read the general note on Monitors & Geckos.

Distribution: In the Southern Highlands region they are found in more sandstone areas in the Great Wester Widlife Corridor and near the Illawarra escarpment for example Morton National Park.

Status: listed as Vulnerable in NSW.

SHNM would like more information on this species, be on the look out for it. Photos of tail are important to distinguish it from The Lace Monitor. Photos of head help to distinguish individuals in the species.

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Varanus rosenbergi (Rosenberg's Monitor) at Woodlands - 14 Nov 2019 by haynesb
Varanus rosenbergi (Rosenberg's Monitor) at Woodlands - 14 Nov 2019 by haynesb


Species information

  • Varanus rosenbergi Scientific name
  • Rosenberg's Monitor Common name
  • Sensitive
  • Very Rare / Threatened
  • Non-Invasive
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