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Prasophyllum appendiculatum

1 Tailed Leek Orchid at suppressed

Prasophyllum appendiculatum at suppressed - 9 Nov 2021
Prasophyllum appendiculatum at suppressed - 9 Nov 2021
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Identification history

Prasophyllum appendiculatum 11 Nov 2021 ESP
Prasophyllum appendiculatum 11 Nov 2021 DerekC
Prasophyllum uroglossum 10 Nov 2021 DerekC
Prasophyllum sp. 10 Nov 2021 Snowflake

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Snowflake wrote:
   11 Nov 2021
ESP - ?
ESP wrote:
   11 Nov 2021
P. uroglossum no longer exists in NSW taxonomy as it is considered to be the same thing as P. fuscum. I've advised Council admin to update the taxonomy to reflect this. I can't ID this one to species level, at least not reliably, as I'd need a close-up of the flower to see all of the components needed for a good ID. Doesn't look like P. appendiculatum and the location and potentially habitat is more aligned with P. fuscum.
DerekC wrote:
   11 Nov 2021
I have already asked Tobias to look at this. David Jones most recent book appears to not agree with that and he still lists these species and for this area.
ESP wrote:
   11 Nov 2021
Thanks DerekC, not surprising - orchid taxonomy! But for regulatory purposes, we're stuck with having to use the taxonomy that is current in NSW. It may yet change again... I gather (and I'm very deliberately not an expert on NSW orchid taxonomy) that David's work tends to be viewed as being at the 'splitter' end of the spectrum and that it has not been supported by some reviews, including molecular assessments. But again, that's out of my league. I think that genetics will be the arbiter in such debates, especially now that it is vastly more robust and cheaper, so there is a lot more work being done, in part to resolve issues like this. I'd also note that just because PlantNet takes a particular stance on a species, doesn't mean that it is current or otherwise accurate, not least because that website isn't properly resourced (compare it with VicFlora). I've just put the pics and the collector's additional information to the former DPIE AO for the species, and he said it looks likely for fuscum but recommended review by Lachlan Copeland and Gavin Phillips, so I've sent it on to them.
ESP wrote:
   11 Nov 2021
Lachlan deemed it P. appendiculatum and noted that he has seen it to be common where the observer reported this sighting. He said that P. fuscum s.s. (in the strict sense) is extremely rare and that he recently saw all three of the known plants in Wollondilly Shire.
   11 Nov 2021
Thanks for asking Lachlan, he'll be the one who knows best here. I've not seen either species
DerekC wrote:
   11 Nov 2021
Thanks on Lacklan's advice I will change it, I had added both but chosen the other.
ESP wrote:
   11 Nov 2021
Gavin Phillips just replied separately with the same ID, so I think that's a definite answer now.

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Species information

  • Highly Sensitive
  • Very Rare / Threatened
  • Non-Invasive

Sighting information

  • 2 Abundance
  • 9 Nov 2021 11:19 AM Recorded on
  • Snowflake Recorded by

Additional information

  • 5mm by 10 mm Flower dimension
  • 30cm to 1 metre Plant height
  • True In flower

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  • Images or audio
  • More than one media file
  • Confirmed by an expert moderator
  • Nearby sighting(s) of same species
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