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Diuris pardina

Leopard Doubletail at Mittagong, NSW

Diuris pardina at Mittagong, NSW - 11 Sep 2021
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Diuris pardina 12 Sep 2021 DerekC
Diuris sulphurea 11 Sep 2021 Snowflake

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DerekC wrote:
   12 Sep 2021
I believe this is D. pardina. It is not D. sulphurea which among other differences is most easily distinguished by the two bark large dots on the back of the dorsal sepal. You see them from behind the flower (they are actually on both sides or go through that sepal). The markings on D. pardina and D. semilunulata can vary and are not always an easy indicator.
DerekC wrote:
   12 Sep 2021
Possibly a better distinction would to consider the labellum sidelobes which are very developed in some of these species. Of the six tepals (petals) of an orchid flower they alternate between petals and sepals around the central column with in these Diuris species the two lateral sepals being those that often form the cross at the bottom and the two petals are the ear like bits on storks either side at the top. That leaves the two more modified dorsal sepal in the middle at the top and modified petal the labellum. In these species the labellum sidelobes are sometimes so developed they look like additional petals. In both D. pardina and D. semilunulata this is true but not so in the same way with D. sulphurea. I hope this is some help because it helped me.
Snowflake wrote:
   12 Sep 2021
Hi, I am happy with your id. I have a photo showing 2 large dots on the back of the dorsal sepal. As I said to a friend yesterday, separating some of the orchids is like identifying Thornbills - initially all look the same, but over time the differences are evident! A very new challenge for me!

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  • Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive

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  • 5 Abundance
  • 11 Sep 2021 10:45 AM Recorded on
  • Snowflake Recorded by

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  • 30cm to 1 metre Plant height
  • True In flower

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