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Other Invertebrates

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Arion ater (European Black Slug)

Arion ater
Arion ater

Austrochloritis kanangra (Jenolan Caves Bristle Snail)

Austrochloritis metuenda (A bristle snail)

Austrochloritis sydneyensis (Sydney Bristle Snail)

Austrorhytida capillacea (Common southern carnivorous snail)

Brevisentis atratus (Black Jewel Glass-snail)

Brevisentis jacksoniensis (Green-amber Glass Snail)

Coenocharopa multiradiata (Pale-Bladed Pinwheel Snail)

Corbicula australis (Australian Corbicula, Little Mussel)

Cornu aspersum (Common Garden Snail)

Cornu aspersum
Cornu aspersum
Cornu aspersum
Cornu aspersum
Cornu aspersum
Cornu aspersum

Decoriropa lirata (Beautiful Pinwheel Snail)

Elsothera brazieri (Sydney Basin Pinwheel Snail)

Elsothera funerea (Grim Reaper Pinwheel Snail)

Euconulus fulvus (Brown Beehive Snail)

Fastosarion freycineti (Crimson Foot Semi-slug)

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