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New mobile app versions available

 27 February 2020

New versions of the iOS and Android NatureMapr apps are now available for download. These updated versions address a number of issues and should see marked stability improvements.

For those users who already have older versions of the apps installed on their device, you will need to use the question mark button to reset the app back to factory defaults, or alternatively delete/re-install the app.

The new apps are available via App Store and Google Play now.


Mike wrote:
   28 Feb 2020
Did delete/re-install on Android phone. Seems to have jammed on downloading project data - stuck on jewel beetles once. Tried again and stuck on other shrubs (over 7 minutes). My download sped should be good. Uninstalled and re-installed in seconds. Took nearly eight minutes to get data. Tried to upload sighting (4 images) but NatureMapr stopped.
Gaelian wrote:
   28 Feb 2020
Hi Mike, on my home WiFi connection, using what passes for broadband here in Australia which in my case is VDSL running at approx. 35-40Mbps download and 3-5Mbps upload, it currently takes about 8 minutes to download all project data for Canberra Nature Map to my phone. Unfortunately, I'd say that's fairly average. I plan to look into ways that we can have the apps do this kind of work in the background so that users at least don't have to keep their phones open and on the NatureMapr app while downloading project data or uploading sightings. But we are to some degree constrained by the state of Internet connections here in Australia as well as what the iOS and Android operating systems will allow in regards to the running time of background activity for mobile apps.

The problems you're having with uploading images sounds like something we should look into. Send us an email to and we can talk to you about it in more detail.
   29 Feb 2020
Great work Gaelian. I was thinking about this too. I reckon we need to separate the need to "activate a project" from the need to "download all images / field guide" for a project. Because for the average user, if I just want to be able to report sightings, I don't really want to wait 8 minutes to download all the full image library collection for the project. I may not ever even use or browse any of the images!

So I reckon we should change the main activation routine to just download the taxonomy info for the project. Then maybe add another button (or perhaps even a button per top level category in the taxonomy) to download the "image pack" for that particular project or top level category and all it's children etc..

I downloaded and activated a couple of projects the other day and it took FOREVER. Me personally, I don't really browser the images once downloaded, but I report a lot of things and need to report much more often than I need to browse the field guides...


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