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HELP! 6 more reviews required

 19 Sep 2021

Hi All,

Positive reviews have been flowing in for the new NatureMapr mobile app on both iOS and Android.

The average rating for the Android App is now back up to 3.4 from a dismal 2.1 after our growing pains 12-24 months ago.

We are only six 5 star reviews away from getting the average rating back up to 4 stars.

Can you help NatureMapr out!?

If you are an Android user, please visit the app on the Google Play store and leave a 5 star review!

We hugely appreciate it!




Wendyp5 wrote:
   3 Oct 2021
Great app. But does it take the location info from the photo or from the location where it is uploaded eg home? If it’s the latter, we need a ‘use current location?’ query so the correct location can be input.
   12 Oct 2021
Hi Wendy, definitely from the photo I.e. where the photo was originally taken if a location exists.. upload location has no bearing....



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