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Rusa timoriensis

Rusa Deer, Javan Rusa, Sundar Sambar

Distinguished from the similar Sambar by its smaller size (95-110 cm height at the shoulder vs 110-130cm for sambar and 80-135 kg weight for females and males respectively vs 180-230 kg for sambar).  The coat is coarse and sparser than other deer, grey to reddish brown with darker hindquarters, with a pale throat and chest and a line of dark hairs between the forelegs. The stags develop a mane in winter.  THe antlers are 3-tined, backward pointing, with the terminal tine the longest (the middle tine is the longest in sambar). The ears are pointed in Rusa, rounded in Sambar.  Common in Royal NP south of Sydney, but spreading along the NSW and Queensland coast.

Rusa timoriensis is listed in the following regions:

Southern Highlands  |  South Coast

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Species information

  • Rusa timoriensis Scientific name
  • Rusa Deer, Javan Rusa, Sundar Sambar Common name
  • Not Sensitive
  • Exotic
  • Noxious or High Risk Weed or Pest
  • Machine learning
  • Synonyms

    Cervus timoriensis

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